October Wrap-Up

First things first: Happy Halloween! Stay safe and spooky out there tonight!

This month has gone by SO fast. Seriously, we only have two months left of 2020. Isn’t that wild to think about? I started this blog at the beginning of October and I can’t believe it’s already almost a month old. To all of you reading this: THANK YOU. Thank you for reading, for interacting, for being you. You’re amazing ❤

Okay, so I totally didn’t win my October TBR list. Go figure — I’m notoriously slow at reading nowadays. I finished one book (1!) and started three others. This month was a busy one for me, spent mostly working and studying, and I imagine November won’t be any different. For my friends who are also living that life — you get it. With finals coming up in early December and holiday season approaching things just didn’t go according to plan. But I did get to visit a pumpkin farm so October wasn’t a total loss!

The one book that I had the honor of reading this month was Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas. You can read my review here. It was wonderful, horrifying, and electric. Definitely the perfect Halloween read for those of you still looking to read something dark and creepy. I also started Blood and Honey by Shelby Mahurin, If We Were Villains by M. L. Rio, and The Upside of Falling by Alex Light. After reading Catherine House, I tried to jump into the rest of my TBR with no luck. It turned out I just needed to switch gears and read something light instead. The Upside of Falling is doing a wonderful job of keeping me entertained right now! Plus, who can resist a good fake dating story?

I also watched all three seasons of Wynonna Earp available on Netflix. (Maybe I should’ve spent that time reading.) For my Supernatural fans: give Wynonna a try. It’s funny and has a kick-ass cast of characters. I started it after a friend recommended it to me and I’m so glad I did. Definitely planning to dive into the fourth season ASAP.

I’m ready for November. I’ll be sitting #NaNoWriMo out — but I’m cheering on everyone who is participating! Even though I’m not, I still plan to write. I’m so close to finishing draft 2.5 of my manuscript. Like, three chapters close. There’s both a sense of anxiety and excitement with saying that. Every draft is another step closer into making my beloved story into something tangible. But I can’t help but to feel like it’s time. I’m speaking it into existence: I WILL finish this draft in November. Maybe I’ll read a book or two along the way.

How did your October go? What books did you finish and what ones are you saving for next month?

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