Saying Goodbye to 2020

It’s time to say goodbye to 2020—and hello to 2021. As New Year’s Eve draws to a close, I thought I’d reflect on everything I’ve went through this year. There are so many memories and lessons I don’t want to forget. There are also things I want to hold on to as we move into a new year.

This year has been terrible for so many people. It’s been a hard, wild, unrelenting roller coaster that none of us asked to be on. But, in my personal life, it’s been a year of change and growth. I won’t lie—I’ve had a rough couple of years up until this one. But in 2020, it felt like I finally came out of the water. I could breathe again. I found my feet on solid ground. And for that I’m grateful despite all the challenges and heartache its also given me.

I don’t know why this year ended up being different for me. In the world, it’s been one of the most unstable years. In my life, it’s given me stability even amongst change. I made a home in a new city. I went back to school (!) after a two year hiatus. I learned to stick up for what I believe in more. I learned not to tolerate people who only bring me down. And, finally, I finished the third draft of my #CtCEWIP—a contemporary YA manuscript that you can read about here. My progress with my schooling and my writing are the two things I’m most proud of from this year.

I also read some amazing books. Ones that stole my heart, made me cry, and reminded me why I fell in love with storytelling in the first place. That being said, Watch Over Me by Nina LaCour had to be my favorite read of 2020. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid and Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas are close competition. I even completed my Goodreads goal of reading 50 books this year! That may not seem like a lot, but it is. If there are any books you’re looking forward to reading in 2021, let me know what they are! I’d love to discover new books to add to my TBR.

Plus—and you know I had to say this—Taylor Swift practically gave me life this year. Not only did she release one album, but two. And they were both the albums of my dreams. In March, I wrote my first full-length poetry chapbook. I purged all these feelings I had and created made-up stories in my head of lost love and time gone by down country roads. When folklore was released, I was estatic. It fit all the ideas I had in my head perfectly. I connected to the music and thought it was just so cool that Taylor Swift was writing folklore at the same time I was writing my chapbook. Then, evermore was released and I fell in love with it as well—maybe even moreso than with folklore. Her music kept me grounded creatively and reminded me of my love for poetry with her intricate lyrics and heartwrenching stories. I’m definitely talking these albums into 2021. Anyway, fangirling over.

This year reminded me to love. People, places, ideas. It helped me connect with who I am on a deeper level and encouraged me to pursue my goals harder than ever. Everything in my life is a work in progress. But I’m learning. And I’m slowly chasing after my dreams even if at times I trip up.

I don’t know what 2021 will bring. And I don’t do resolutions anymore. A resolution seems too fixed for me—it doesn’t acknowledge the fluidity of life. And if there’s anything we learned this year, it should be that life is fluid. Plans crumble. Resolutions crumble. Instead, I’ve started considering my intentions for the year. Instead of asking “What do I want to do/not do in 2021?” I’m asking myself “What do I want to work towards, if possible?” Here are some of the goals that I have:

I will graduate with my Bachelor of Arts in English and my Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Classical Studies.

I will query my YA contemporary manuscript.

I will draft my YA fantasy WIP.

I will continue to learn and grow and become more of who I want to be.

I have some lower priority goals as well. Like learning Greek and Latin. Improving my French. Reading more writing craft books. Connecting with more people online. I also want to continue to be appreciative of my life and everything I work for. Hopefully, when I look back and read this again at the end of 2021, I’ll be content. That’s all I can ask for.

So that’s all for this year. Goodbye, 2020.

What are your intentions for 2021?

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